Wisdom Capital

Wisdom Capital is one of the best discount brokerage firms started in the year 2013 with providing services in stocks, future, options, currency etc. They also provide commodities services on NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX.

Wisdom Capital has brought a new face to the online trading by creating a unique position for itself by charging no commission fee service and providing the highest margins in India. It has received immense growth from the time of its inception creating an outstanding brand value and by making itself in the top position in the finance market as the Best Stock Broker in India.

Wisdom Capital is founded by Mr Deb Mukherjee who was also an Air Force Veteran. It is also a Subsidiary brand of the Ashlar Group incorporated in the year 1996.

What is SEBI ?

Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI) is a lawful administrative body bestowed with the duty to modulate the Indian Capital markets.

SEBI also imposes certain Guidelines in the financial market to protect the grip of the investors in the market.

On April 12, 1992, SEBI was founded, headquartered in Mumbai. The main purpose of SEBI is to build a systematic and organized function among the investor so that a transparent surrounding is maintained and at the same wrongdoings are also taken care of.

But SEBI has failed to fulfil its duty in many ways although SEBI has been entrusted with various rules and regulation it has often failed to enforce the statement of surveillance in many aspects.

Even SEBI has failed both in quantity and quality when it comes to human resource management as they have been allegate with the stamp of corrupted and their responsibility in various aspect has been termed highly poor.

SEBI and its Controversies

SEBI on July 20 has announced its new circular stated, the trader and investors need to maintain minimum upfront margin in their accounts at all times during the day. This circular by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) has acutely affected the retail investors as they are directly involved in trading.

SEBI circular has a negative impact on the small traders especially during the current situation when the entire world is going through a pandemic crisis.

No Consultation –

SEBI did not even consult with stakeholders and brokers before releasing the recent circular even though many retail investors will be directly affected by this decision and the question of earning bread-butter will stand in front of them.

No Consideration –

The latest circular is released without anticipating the adverse effect on the small investors. These people will be left with no source to earn a livelihood that too in the situation when the economy has weakened due to the going COVID 19 pandemic.

Lower Revenue Collection –

As per the latest SEBI Circular, the collection of revenue will witness a new low as the volume for GST, SST and stamp duty collection will touch a new low.

Peak Margin –

The latest SEBI circular gives birth to uncertainty and the peak margin concept that is not beneficial for the traders at large and will allow wealthy players to manipulate stock market operations as the circular talks about practising maintenance of least possible margin in intraday trading.

Best Stock broker in India

Investment is a part of everyday life. We invest in our family, friends, and education. Sometimes this investment is emotional but often it is monetary and thus investing a large amount of money becomes a difficult task...

Wisdom Capital Challenges SEBI Circular

Wisdom Capital has Challenged SEBI against the Circular that forces both investors and traders to have minimum margins all through the day.

This circular will have a great effect on the livelihood of the traders as well as it will have an unpropitious consequence that will result in the drop of GST, STT etc.

So, Wisdom Capital filed a petition claiming that if SEBI Circular gets to roll the dice the entire stock market will get effected already the market is subdued with various guidelines if this circular gets accepted the entire finance market will be in turmoil.

“This calls into question the notion of a level Playing field. Trading for option writers and those who make a living out of the financial markets will almost be finished, most of these traders end up losing a livelihood”.

Deb MukherjeeCEO of Wisdom Capital

The petition states that the entire circular is misty and confusing. It will dismantle the leverage by the brokers that will restrict the investor from trading in F&O division due to the high Margin payable even before the trade commences.

The petition also remarked that the idea of margins has been pervasive in the securities market all over the Globe from a very long time. So laying down an obligation of maintaining minimum margins is unacceptable.

So, after hearing the Plea on December 2, by the bench of Justice Jayanth Nath, the matter has been put to hold and has asked SEBI to file their views which will be further heard of 2 March.

Wisdom Capital in News

After the Judgement Wisdom Capital was all over the news applauding appreciation in the stock market community for taking such a courageous step to fight against the authority for disturbing the living of many.

Thus, the Financial Pundits have assert that there will be no immediate change in the financial market due to the circular. By September 2021, the volumes in the financial market will be down by 30%.

The entire circular will obstruct the Prime Minister Narendra Modi vision of making India $5 trillion economy. The body who is appointed as the Watch dog of the financial market it making impaired policy decision.

So the Investor community wants everyone to join hands to Protest and raise voice against SEBI big margin circular in this tumultuous time.

Thus, The stock market offered huge employment opportunities to people during the pandemic and lockdown in the country, but the latest circular acts as a scissor running on the livelihood of many small traders.

Deb Mukherjee, CEO of Wisdom Capital

“The New rule will have a huge impact on the functioning of the stock market and it was evident that stock market was the only sector that has been able to function since the lockdown began in the India on the March 25 this year and the Sector provided numerous opportunities to many people facing job losses to survive in these Pandemic times”.